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Hi I'm Eve,


I train pups and coach people.

My mission is to empower dog parents to have a joyful and peaceful relationship with their dogs. I offer both in-person dog training sessions as well as online Dog Training Courses.


🐾 Become confident in teaching your pup basic manners and addressing unruly behaviors.

🐾 Gain sense of pride and joy in your relationship with them.

🐾 Find ways to enrich your pup's life while keeping your sanity...because life gets busy!

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AKC Good Canine Citizen Evaluator


For in-person dog training feel free to schedule a free consultation below.
Pay as you go - $85 per hour.
5 session package - $375 ( saving of $50 )


Contact me

Cell: 650-417-4795

Dogs are the greatest example of a life lived well - they love unconditionally and are always in the present moment. - me
Please note: I am currently not accepting new clients. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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